Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was lucky enough to meet two of the most talented tapestry artists last weekend.  Susan Martin-Maffei and Archie Brennan came to Medford Leas NJ to give a talk about their work.  These are dedicated artists who weave every day for 8 – 10 hours.  To say I was impressed is a complete understatement.  All I could say as they showed us their work was WOW.  I know that they have decades of practice between them but I thought to myself, “I would have to live to 150 to be as good as they are.  What a treat it was.  I came home and just had to sit down and weave, I was so inspired.

I have been able to really get some work done on my own tapestry over the last month.  Ah, summer as an academic, is there anything better?  I have passed the midway mark and although I had to lay in another line of twining to try to halt the drawing in, I think it is going well.  Tell me what you think.

Imported Photos 00114 

My traveling loom is free of the hot dog stand and being prepped for something that makes my stomach twist, people.  I am most concerned about the faces, I want them to look realistic but I only have an inch or two for the entire face.  That means only 9 warps for two eyes and a nose.  Not too much to work with.  However, I have been able to master everything else, I think I can do this too.  It make take a lot of putting in and taking out but eventually I will probably work it out.  Here are some of the images I am working with.

I am not one who likes to spend time sampling but I can see the benefit of it here.  I will be able to practice on the small loom and work out the process, then when it comes to the real tapestry I will be much more confident.   At least that is the plan..


  1. The album images are your 'inspiration' ideas or the actual images you will be creating?

  2. I think your piece with the cars is quite amazing and I admire your dedication to it. I'm sure it helps to be so inspired! I'm glad to see you take your time with the faces. It will likely be a lot of work, but worth it in the end.

  3. Mary...your tapestry is looking great!!! Can't wait to see what you with the people. Sorry to miss Tapestry on Tuesday. I won't be there next week either. Maybe I'll be able to get some work done on my own. Life keeps getting in the way.

  4. The images are a bit of both. The shopper has changed into summer clothes but the woman with her back to us is what I plan to use. Most of the images need to be simplified to make the doable even at 9 EPI (ends per inch).

  5. Jennifer and Diane,

    Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, the faces are going to be a new challenge but, hopefully, by the time I am finished with Philly Cars and ready to start City Life I will be quite comfortable with them.

    Diane, we missed you. I hope you do get some work done on yours it is looking great.