Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh, so close.

It is exciting when you see the finish line on a project.  It is also hard to keep from being impatient to be done. This is the time when it is easy to get sloppy, to say, “oh, that’s good enough.”  But now it the time to be even more careful.  Now is the time to make sure it is finished well. 


I am about 5” from the end of this long, long project.  I anticipate that I will finish it before classes start so I can switch my concentration to other thing.  This has been a good, creative summer, one that I have enjoyed.  Yes, I am still teaching both online and face to face but it doesn’t seem as onerous as last summer.  Perhaps I am getting the hang of using my time well and enjoying the slow pace of the season. It is not necessary to have whole swaths of time to myself, it is enough that I know I will have time almost every day to weave.  Sometimes it is a few hours, sometimes I am lucky to get one hour.  But whatever time I have I take it for what it is, time. 

As I work on my samples for City Life I see that I have set a whole new group of challenges.  I am sooo not satisfied with my first attempt at faces but I have a plan to help me improve.  I will be on holiday with my mother for the next couple of weeks and in anticipation of a lot of time on a bus I put together a small (10” X 14”) loom that I am warping to the specs of the large tapestry.  I plan to use it to practice faces, necks and hair.  I think I can work on quite a few small faces while we are traveling from one place to another.  It will be small enough to put in my backpack and work on in the tight space of the bus.  It certainly is better than reading, that’s for sure.


  1. Congrats on getting so close and likely finishing before the fall semester kicks in that's really impressive!

  2. Mary:
    I am so impessed. Can't wait to see the finished tapestry. Weaving on the bumpy roads in Ireland must be fun. I, too, have taken my sample loom to faraway places - why waste precious time!!!

  3. Rita,

    It was fun, I particularly liked the interest it generated. Gave me a chance to meet another tapestry artist and an interested traveling companion. I will blog about it as soon as I figure out this new Macbook.

  4. Jennifer,

    Thanks for the encouragement. We will see if I can do it.