Monday, April 13, 2009

Automotive progress

This week I wasn’t as motivated as I would have liked.  My weekend, the time I usually get the most stuff done, was full of activities.  I spent time with my Pitney Bowes friends and spent time at the Jenny Holzer show at the Whitney.   Both were well worth the time.

Philly cars 4-13-09

However, this doesn’t mean that I wasn’t able to get some things done.  I am progressing upward working on the asphalt and trying to work out how to blend the different shades of grays and blacks.  I am not sure that they are going in the right direction.  I think the difference between the various shades of asphalt might be too broad.  I think they are too clearly defined.  I wanted them to blend more than they are.  Perhaps as the cars break up the picture plane it will come into focus better.

I am almost up to the next two cars (one on each side this time) so I will get another chance to work out how to get the light right.  The left hand car will be easier since I’ve worked out how to do the light on that side, but the right hand car will be all new.

So Betsey, how is it going, do you think?


  1. What great fun! I would definitely give it some time until more cars are on there - they will definitely influence where your eye is drawn and your opinion of the asphalt may change!

  2. Funny how real life and intersects with your on the loom and car trouble with emerging trend? Hope yes for the loom and no for Avis.